Born in Venice, CA

House Beer

Our Story is Simple.
One Beer Done Right.

Our story is simple. Over the years we’ve happily enjoyed all kinds of beer. From popular mainstream ones to smaller craft specialties. But there were times when we felt we had to choose between beers that were great for drinking and beers that tasted great. Why can’t you have your beer and drink it too?

Simply, a premium beer for the understated lifestyle. Brewed with the taste and ingredients you expect to find in most craft beers, but one you can drink time and time again without worrying about how filling it is or what it says about you. Because let’s be honest, all it says is you like great beer.

We were then fortunate enough to meet two award-winning brewers who shared our passion for creating an premium quality beer without all the pretense or complication. And with that House Beer was born.


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